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Sleep deprivation- the difference between the first and second child.

 Sleep deprivation is something all soon-to-be parents are told to expect. I'm now on my third pregnancy and I have noticed a difference in lack of sleep between both of my children at different stages. With my first, it felt awful at the start because I wasn't used to it. I was trying to breastfeed and keep on top of the housework. Everyone kept saying sleep when the baby sleeps, but how could I when there was so much stuff that I had to do? Some chores could only be done when he was sleeping, like taking the finished laundry upstairs and putting it away.  But the newborn stage soon turned into the baby stage and he began sleeping for longer periods at night and so I wasn't as tired during the day and so I had more energy for other activities. By nine months he was on formula and sleeping through the night, though getting him to sleep was still a song and dance once he was sleeping that was him. My daughter on the other hand is different entirely. The newborn stage was tir