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4 strategies for creating a better environment for teamwork

  Working as part of a team is something that most people are familiar with. There are times when things get in the way of cohesive working for those of us who are team leaders or some of us may be managers of larger groups. I will discuss four strategies: conflict resolution, having difficult conversations, simple problem-solving plans, and introducing change. Conflict resolution We can't always get along with everyone, so when someone annoys us, we have an emotional reaction that results in behaviour. These emotional or angry reactions are counterproductive and can lead to situations such as relationship breakdown. Anger and resentment can fester beneath the surface for years, causing friction. This can make it difficult to form healthy relationships. This resentment causes arguments at home and can harm spousal relationships. This can impact other associations, such as those with children, parents, or grandparents. This may imply that good ideas and best practices are not shared