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Must have big ticket baby items

I now have two babies under two. Rosie is 15 months old and Katie is 7 weeks old. We also have a six year old, Jamie. We kept a few big items from when Jamie was a baby as we knew we wanted another at some point and then when Katie came along we still had everything from when Rosie was born so there wasn't much we needed to buy new.  There are some things as a first time parent that you think you need but now that I'm an old hand at this I've realised that you definitely do not need as much as you think. So here is a list of items that I have found very helpful: The Pram  When Jamie was born my dad offered to buy us the pram and so after going around the shops to try out a lot of different models, we settled on the Silver cross wayfarer travel system. This was a great pram as you can change the wheels to swivel or lock them into forward position. It was easy to fold up and down and lightweight enough for me to be able to fit it into the car. The link to buy the new