Daily routine and lockdown

 In Northern Ireland we are currently at the end of the Christmas break, my son was due to go back to p2 tomorrow (today was a development day). The schools are now closed for at least a week for all pupils except for vulnerable children and the children of key workers. Everyone is having to do online learning. 

It's ok for me as I'm on maternity and so I don't need to worry about home educating while trying to get on with my own work. But not all parents have this luxury time to put in to their children's education and I really sympathise.

Daily Routine

At the moment the daily routine focuses on Rosie but while Jamie was in school it was all about getting him there on time.

6:00am- wake up to Rosie shouting at us from her cot (she is still in our room). We usually bring her into our bad and let her play with some toys between us while we take turns in dozing.

7.00am- Jamie wakes up and comes into our room. Some mornings it is sooner, it just depends on how loud Rosie is being.

We then go downstairs in our PJ's, Rosie has had her nappy changed upstairs.

7.30am- Breakfast. Lately it's hash browns or frosties for Jamie and Rosie will have porridge or hash browns. I will have a coffee and if Rosie is in good form some cereal.

8.00am- clean up breakfast and play. Rosie crawls about the living room and plays with her toys while Jamie goes on the Xbox. This allows me time to open curtains and tidy any mess from the night before.

9.00/9.30am- Rosie will have a nap. This involves a bottle of formula and being pushed in her pram.

After Rosie is asleep I will get ready, maybe have breakfast if I haven't had it yet and persuade Jamie to also get dressed, most days when he is off school he will try to have a PJ day.

10.00/10.30am- Rosie wakes up. Her nappy will be changed and more playtime.

11.00am- A quick snack for everyone.

If we're having a day in the house the kids will play as I potter about the house tidying up, however this all depends on Rosie's mood. If she's grumpy then I can't leave the room as she cries. 

12.00/1.00pm- lunch time. 

1.30/2.00pm- Nappy change and nap for Rosie, more formula.

3.00/3.30pm- Rosie wakes up and we'll all have a snack.

5.00/5.30pm- dinner time

6.00/7.00pm- bedtime for Rosie. this involves a nightlight, wave sounds on my phone, formula and continuous laying down again. She at the stage where she likes to pull herself up and chat to me. 

8.00/8.30pm- bedtime for Jamie. This involves a cup of milk, reading a chapter of Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets and then a high five, fist bump (we call it a pow), a hug and a kiss. Scott will usually be tidying the living room while I do bedtime.

Once the kids are in bed we will either relax and watch some TV or I will be studying for my OU degree and Scott will play the Xbox.

When Jamie is at school the morning routine alters but dinner and bedtime are always the same. When Rosie naps is when I'm going to try and do Jamie's remote learning with him. I also have an account on twinkl so I can download any extra resources needed for home learning. 

Let me know your routines in the comments below.  

It's not just children affected by lockdown, check out this post  for how Working From Home May Be Affecting Our Mental Health More Than We Think


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