Christmas 2020

 So I haven't posted in a while what with the Christmas holiday and everything. 

Christmas 2020 was quieter than last year thanks to covid-19. We were still up early to see if Santa had been, he had, and Jamie was the best big brother and 'helped' Rosie open her presents. 

After presents Scott had a quick nap and we got ready and went to visit family where more presents were opened. I had the meat in the oven on low as it was the first Christmas dinner I've made. I was so nervous that something would go wrong. 

Luckily it didn't. By the time we got back from visiting it was dinner rather than lunch. We had our starter, lentil soup made by my mother in law and then Jamie was full and Rosie was tired so we decided to save the rest of dinner until boxing day! 

It still worked out ok and to be honest I really enjoyed the quieter Christmas at home. There was no need to try and rush two tired kids home for a late bedtime. We were able to relax afterwards without being to tired. 

Next year we'll do the same especially with number three on the way. I don't fancy carting three kids around numerous houses and back again so everyone can come to us.

How were your Christmas plans? Did dinner work out? I hope everyone stayed as safe as possible and hopefully next year Christmas will be what it was in years past. 

boy and girl hugging, boy wearing Christmas glasses, it says merry Christmas in white writing at the bottom of the picture


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