Finding out I'm having two children under two

So I am 21 weeks pregnant with baby number three. I love my children and we had always thought about having a third but hadn't intended on it being so soon after Rosie's birth. 

I had booked an appointment at the GP to get the contraceptive implant and when there I was asked if I was pregnant. I had assumed not as I was exclusively breastfeeding and my periods hadn't returned. I had read that exclusively breastfeeding could be used as a form of contraceptive, it's called lactational amenorrhea. I thought this was going ok and that I was getting the implant in for when Rosie started solids so I wouldn't get caught out. How wrong I was. 

blue lines in the shape of a woman cradling a babySo the GP asks me to take a test and I do. She looks and says well no little brothers or sisters for you Rosie! Thank goodness! She begins to get prepped to put the implant in and so happens to glance at the test again before disposing of it. Oh! she says. What? I said. She then proceeds to tell me that there is a very faint line! 

It took me a while to get my head around the fact that there will be another baby here soon. It seemed hard to believe, after all, Rosie is still so dependent on me. Having two under two may not have been my life plan but maybe it was God's plan for my family. 

Fun times are ahead......


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